Week one down, only a few more to go…

Week one is finally over! That was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I’m not the most computer savvy person but I didn’t think a few image edits and blog post would be so challenging. For the most part the actual assignments weren’t too bad; it was the process of figuring out how to add all of the elements into a blog post that gave me slight issues. I think that after working on it for a full week, I am finally starting to get the hang of things.

This week I leaned a variety of different things. The first being how to set up my own blog. Stetting up my domain and social medias was pretty simple considering the steps were all laid out for me to simply follow. The only part of setting up my domain that I had trouble with was getting it to show up on the class blog. I even tried retracing my steps and re-registering for the class, none of that worked. but luckily we got it all figured out now. Customizing my blog was probably my favorite part of setting things up. It gave me a chance to show a piece of my self and to select and choose the things I like. I was able to change fonts and font colors as well as backgrounds. I even added a picture that I took myself to the header of my blog.

I have learned a lot through the many assignments that I have completely during the week. I already new how to insert text into photos, so that for me wasn’t something new. What was new on the other hand was the making of tutorials. Prior to this week I had never even thought about making a tutorial. Describing something step by step probably sounds easy but it’s actually a little hard. It is so easy to over look a step during the creation of a tutorial. I learned that you can’t make assumptions on how much your audience knows. Every detail must be included even if it seems obvious or tedious. I think one of my favorite things that I learned this week is how to make photo reflections. Through having to create these assignments I learned what overlays are, my new favorite thing. The photo tips I learned also proved to be helpful when it came time to doing the photo challenge. I noticed that while taking pictures, I paid extra attention to lighting.

Despite learning all of these cool things. The most important lesson that I took away from week one is the lesson of not leaving things till last minute. Luckily this week I didn’t fall into my normal procrastination. I’m more than glad that I started things early on because although all of these assignments are fun and creative, they are definitely time consuming. I’m hoping to get an even earlier start than I did this week for the remaining of our class time. By allowing more time I can avoid feeling overwhelmed. Photography is something I enjoy so I am eager to learn and take away all that I possibly can from this class.

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