DesignBlitz: What I gained from it…

Minimalism & Use of Space: These are two of my favorite poetry books. When I read the piece on minimalism, I instantly thought of the cover of them. I feel like the author really captures the essence of minimalism. The first book is about overcoming heart break. I think that the tear and drink capture that heart break. The second book I haven’t quiet figured out.


Typography: This sign I came across on campus represented a great visual of typography. It uses different fonts and sizes to bring life to the words. I also think this sign had just the right amount of tracking. The spacing between the words makes the top font really pop out.


Color: This bag of chips demonstrates a good design. It uses bold colors that stand out against each other. I increased the saturation of the photo as well to make the colors stand out. This deign also uses yellow, a primary color, as the main attraction.


Balance-Symmetry: This is an interesting form of symmetry that I came across in a magazine. I think this image represents both symmetry and balance. The visual of an eye being half closed and half open is something that goes against our idea of physical structure.


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