Did they effectively get away with it ?

So for this weeks listening to stories assignment, I decided to listen to Getting Away With It from This American Life. I chose this mainly because I am a fan of the show I Almost Got Away With It, so I figured this segment should contain some pretty interesting stories. Luckily for me these were all pretty interesting segments. I ended up listening to the entire 60 minutes of it. All of the stories in this segment had something to do with getting away with an act. It was interesting to me though to see the variety of things that people get away with.

The producers of this podcast used quite a few different techniques to portray these stories. They used sound effects, sound layering and music in their stories. The first story began with the narrator layering over the story as it was being told. I found this method to be effective since it gave a sort of background to the story. The second story, a more serious one about smuggling drugs, started off with no music and just the story teller. As this story hit more exciting, suspenseful moments, adventurous music played. This music first played independently and the in the background while the story teller spoke. I found this method to be effective since it pulled you in to the story and left you wanting to hear more. Another technique that was used was language. This story included both english and spanish which I thought created a clearer picture of the setting in which this story took place. I could truly picture the story being told, especially because it was also very descriptive.

Each act of this pod cast contained a separate theme within the theme. Due to this different techniques were used in each. In one of the podcast the producers interviewed the story teller and also gave background information on who the story teller is. I found this to be a good tool since it helps you relate to the person  telling the story. The producer interrupted the story multiple times in order to provide this background information. Taking pauses in between, kind of like paragraphs. Although effective in painting the picture, I do feel that fewer interruptions could of made for a better story. To pace out parts of the story, they played music alone without any narration. I thought that this technique was used in effort to keep the audiences attention and make them want to listen to the rest of the story.

Each story was told using different methods. Some stories in this section were funny and not as serious, therefor upbeat music was used along with layering sounds of laughter. For stories that were more serious, the producers used suspenseful music and longer silence lengths. I think that over all the producers did a good job. For the stories that were set up as interviews they made them feel authentic like casual conversations as oppose to scripted. I feel that natural tone is super important in keeping an audiences attention.

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