Audio Story Telling… Who knew there’s so much to learn?

After watching the video of Ira Glass I realized how deep the art of broadcasting is. I watched part one and part three. Ira Glass put plenty of emphasis on the sequence of a story. From what he was saying, I gathered that the anecdote is what truly makes the story. A story without an anecdote is simply boring and not pleasing to listen to. I learned that in audio story telling the key is to start with the action of the story. Another aspect that I grabbed from part one of his video is that in broadcast, it is important to not only tell a good story but to also inform the audience on why you’re telling the story.

From part three of his video I grasped that everyone goes through the phase of “not so great work” and that it is normal to not be great at first. Continuously working on audio is the solution to turning the not so great work into great work. Ira Glass talks about how long it took him to finally grasp the art of reporting in broadcast. He admits to listening back to his work and acknowledging how bad it was. I learned that when broadcasting you want your voice to come off natural as oppose to emphasizing every couple words. After listening to all of part three, I came to the conclusion that Ira Glass was trying to tell his audience not to give up and keep striving for improvement.

I also watched the Italian promotion video. From that I gathered how convincing audio story telling can be. As long as you can portray realistic images and maintain a straight face you can make almost any story believable. This also went along with the radiolab clip. He speaks on how radio paints a picture in the audiences mind without needing actual pictures. From all of this I learned that audio overall is powerful in influencing daily life. Being someone who listens to the radio still, I can agree with his statement that radio won’t die. Radio has gone on for so long and I think with the constant development of audio storytelling, it will continue to go on.

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