I Have One Crazy Family !

PicMonkey Collage

As soon as I saw the visual assignment on The Brady Bunch, I KNEW I had to share with you guys my CRAZY BUNCH! My family means the world to me. Like The Brady Bunch, I have a huge family. Each and everyone of them has a crazy/ funny personality. I figured I’d pick a few pictures portraying the crazy side of my family.

The very first picture on the left hand side is a picture of myself. I am almost always laughing with an obnoxiously loud laugh ! Next to the picture of me is my younger brother. He’s the quiet kind of crazy. Always up to something with a sly smirk on his face. Besides his picture is my cousin dressed as a nun on Halloween. He went all out that year, prayer beads and all. Moving on to row 2… the head honchos. My grandmother, grandfather, and my mother. My grandma has always been the most patient and loving person in our family, till this day that hasn’t changed. My grandpa on the other hand is a firecracker. He is NEVER wrong and is ALWAYS in charge! That’s why I chose to put him in the center of this collage. My mother is CRAZY… not in a psychiatric type of way, a good kind of crazy. She’s truly a free spirit. This is from one of the very first times I used a snapchat filter on her. Last but not least my neices and my sister. The first picture on the bottom row is my oldest niece, ever since she was little I’ve called her my monkey! She’s a silly little bean who’s FULL of life ! The last picture on the bottom row is my youngest niece. Despite being only 9months she has quite the personality, definitely following in the steps of her big sister 🙂 My sister is located in between the two. She’s the rock, always strong and there when we need her. Her energy keeps us all up to speed.

These are just a handful of the people in my Crazy Bunch. If I were to include them all, I don’t think I’d ever finish! I wouldn’t trade my Crazy Bunch for anything in this world!

To make this collage I used picmonkey.com and I love how it turned out. All of the steps on how to make your very own collage are up on my tutorial page! Go check it out!  


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