WEEK THREE! Almost at the finish line!

Week three! Thank God we’re halfway there… I can’t lie this has been a pretty rough week for me. Determined to graduate on time, I am currently taking four classes this summer term. I know! Crazy! Lately I’ve managed to keep my head above water but this week has greatly took a toll on me. The main cause of that is that this week was midterms for my other classes. The result of that was this class being put on the back burner and leaving assignments till the last minute. Not my favorite thing to do but I made it work.

I never imagined how much goes into the art of digital storytelling. This week I learned that there are so many different aspects to it. From the fluctuation of the voice narrating to the sound effects used, audio storytelling is very complex. Watching the videos of Ira Glass and Jan Abumrad was very insightful. From them I learned that mastering audio storytelling is a process that takes time, In Ira Glass’ case over 8 years. The point is to never give up and alway strive for improvement. Audio storytelling is just that, story telling without pictures. Jan Abumrad made a pointy to emphasize how audio can create a story within our minds. From listening to Getting Away With It, I completely agree with him. While listening I envision the entire story in my head putting together imaginary faces and events to complete it. That was honestly probably my favorite assignment for this week. I always enjoy listening to stories and envisioning them. Narration truly does plays such an important role. Listening to stories is only fun when they are eventful. There’s nothing worst than dull boring narration. While listening to Getting Away With It, I could totally envision each story. The producer incorporated all the right techniques from sound layering, to music, to moments of silence.

Moving on to the assignments this week… I actually enjoyed these. Due to the fact that I completed these later on in the week, I didn’t choose super hard ones. The ones I did do however were new to me and both were things I’ve never done before. I went out on a limb with voice recordings. Like most people I don’t like hearing the sound of my voice, not sure why but it’s just so weird to me. I incorporated the layering sound effect into my assignment by playing some background music, which I must admit helped a lot in not feeling as weird about listening to my own voice. I had never uploaded anything to SoundCloud and was surprised by how simple it was. I was even able to record directly on the site, I absolutely loved that!

I am hoping that now with midterms out of the way I can go back to finishing upcoming assignments before Sunday hits. I know it’ll be a challenge since I have a couple of final projects coming up but I’m ready to see what week four will bring! The only complaint I have about this week is the blog comments. Some people upload before others and since we had to do four different blogs, I found it hard to finish that before Sunday. I was trying to knock task like that out of the way but it proved to be pretty difficult since a lot of new work wasn’t up for me to comment on. Not  wanting to submit this summary last minute, I was only able to comment on 3 new blogs this week. Despite that small hiccup, I am still enjoying this class overall. I feel like all of these techniques I’ve been learning may come in handy for future projects. With all that being said … WEEK 4 BRING IT ON !


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