Week 2 down !

Week two down! Woohoo! I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of this class. No I will not say I’m a pro, but this week didn’t stress me out as bad. I am definitely enjoying making all of these designs! The gif’s were probably my favorite this week. I constantly see them all over tumblr and have thought about making one but never got around to it. This class pushed me to finally make one… and it wasn’t as complicated as I thought. Yay!

I learned so much more about photography and design this week. The Vignellli Canon booklet broke each component down and really gave insight on their importance. Prior to reading this I never really thought about why ads use certain colors or why magazine pages are laid out the way they ares. Through this booklet I learned that pages are not just thrown together. A lot of thought goes into where to place pictures and text as well as how large or small the text should be. All of these components help bring life to the design. I tried to incorporate what I learned from the booklet into my designblitz. The pictures I chose each reminded me of what I had read. When I was reading about minimalism initially the thought of the cover of my poem books instantly popped in my mind. I remember thinking how simple it was the moment I first got it and now I can understand why.

The “Are we there yet?” assignment was among my favorites of the week as well. Incorporating a picture of my brother into a random google image was fun. Especially because it came out pretty realistic. I enjoy putting a little humor behind my design, so for me this one was fun. I showed the design I made to my brother and he laughed. That made it all even better. To know that my concept had the exact effect that I wanted.The one thing I had concerns about are the tutorials. I used the same technique in this assignment as in other and was just curious and thinking… If I use the same method in more than one creation, could I reference a prior tutorial or is making an entire new one a requirement? Not a huge concern of mine, but just something that was on my mind.

All in all I really enjoyed this weeks lesson. I am both eager and anxious to see whats next! Hopefully it’ll be just as fun as this one.

Design Assignments:

Taking the lead in a chorus…

Isn’t school suppose to be safe?


If I were to make my own t-shirt…

What do you mean I shouldn’t always give 100% ?


Make your own violinist debut!

What will you advertise?

Make your own crime scene!

Stay true to you…make a t-shirt that defines you.

Motivate Dracula

Simple steps to making a GIF

Send a special GIF birthday card…

Daily Creates:

obviously BAD photoshop

Two truths and a lie, take a guess.

Envy The Luxury

Not a Meme of a Cowgirl. Opps!

Reflection of The Vignelli Canon


GIF Assignments:

My first Gif!

Rockin’ Birthday GIF

Comment Feedback:

Entering the World of Digital Creation

A Rose By Any Other Tale 

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

Weekly Summary

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