Tips are for taking.

The Becoming a Better Photographer section of the class handbook has a great list of 10 tips for producing great photos. Those tips are there for a reason, why not use them ?! I sure did ! The tip I most heavily focused on was creating depth. Paying attention to the near and far can change the entire dynamic of a photo. I was at the park with my niece working on the photo challenge when I thought about the concept for this post. There were a line of tubes/pipes at the park… not exactly sure what purpose they pose, but I walked over to them with the curiosity of looking inside of it. I thought it’d be kind of cool to take a picture from the opening of the tube with our feet in the background. The following picture is the result of that idea.


I put most of my focus on the opening of the tube so that you could see in it. I also adjusted the focus so that our feet would be blurry in the background. Out of the many photo attempts, I like how this photo came out best. The detail of the tube is front and center which is what I wanted to achieve. It reminded me of the piece I read about the Migrant Mother. The perfect picture doesn’t always happen on the first try. Producing a great photo takes time and dedication. That’s exactly what she showed when she went back to take more photos, despite the fact that she already had plenty. A photographer should always go with their instincts. Learning from initial mistakes produces images that could even be used in history. The same way that the photo taken by Dorothea became the icon for the Great Depressions. Maybe this photo I took could be an icon for rusty pipes ?


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