Hello All ! My name is Joskamery [ Jos-Kam-Ry]… I go by Kam since it’s a million times easier for everyone to pronounce. I’m a senior majoring in Sociology with a Political Science minor in Security and Conflicts. This class is WAY out of my league, but I’ve heard many good things about it so I’m excited to see the turn out ! Social media isn’t really my area of expertise. This is the first time since my sophomore year that I’ve had a twitter. I made it specifically for this class, please bear with me as I figure it all out.

In the past 2 years my life has changed a lot. I went from being a United States Army Military Police Officer to a full time student veteran.   Photography is something I enjoy, so signing up for a flickr is pretty exciting to me!

army vet

Along with photography, music is another element that speaks to my soul. I love discovering new and emerging artist. Heres a song from one of my new fav’s (Disclaimer: It’s pretty mellow and may put you to sleep but her voice is so beautiful… hope you enjoy.)


Don’t let my military background and super mellow music fool you… I am a huge kid at heart. Hence why a class called digital storytelling called my name. I spend 90% of my time laughing, not always at the most appropriate times but life is about living it to the fullest and learning from mistakes. I saw this video years ago and although it’s slightly cruel, it still makes me laugh till this day. Hope you get a laugh out of it (probably after the confusion of what you just watched wears off)

I’m hoping that from this blog post you all got a sense of who I am. Just a super random girl, trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff. Completely looking forward to whatever this class has to offer !

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