Taking advice from The Vignelli Canon

I found the booklet by Vignelli to be very informative and helpful. In the begging he brings up the term semantics, I had never heard of this term before. I found the term to be interesting because when I look at designs, I don’t necessarily think to understand all aspects of it. I focus on the design in front of me and not so much on the process that design underwent. He enforces the importance of adding meaning to a design which I can totally agree with. After reading this section and thinking about it I came to the conclusion that when we don’t think deeper into the meanings, we are in a way doing an injustice upon that design. We essentially ignore the hard effort that was put into that design.

I also found the section on discipline to be intriguing. He says that quality is either there or not there, but that left me wondering who decides the quality? Would it be the creator or the audience? I feel like when it comes to design quality is based a lot on perspective of the individual. “Design without discipline is anarchy, an exercise of irresponsibility.” This is a very bold statement that he makes. I’m assuming that because he’s a design guru and I am not, I cannot see it the way he does. One thing that I could see was the concept of visual power. The visual power, in my opinion, is what makes the design stand out. It gives it’s meaning more strength when it is visually pleasing and powerful. I liked the grid concept a lot, I wasn’t aware that magazines, books etc. use such a thing in order to determine layouts.

Color is another aspect that he touches on and one that is relevant to the creation of a design. I found it interesting that he states that our reason for using primary colors is more for the symbols than for the actual color itself. Color can determine the mood of a design and honestly even the mood of an individual. I for instance relate bright colors with happiness which is common. I also don’t necessarily relate dark colors with sadness, this is a relation that most people tend to make. I found that after reading this I paid extra close attention to the colors on advertisements and products. For instance I payed more attention to bags of chips and began relating bold flavors with bold brighter colors. Not too sure if that was the intended purpose but to me it makes sense.

Overall I think that the information from this booklet is very useful. Especially for someone that is new to the design world or even someone that is seeking to progress and make a living out of design. Vignelli provides useful tips and information on multiple aspects of design, he emphasizes the importance of being aware and understanding those aspects. I have yet to do my design blitz but I am more than positive that I will keep the information he provided in my head while completing it.

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