When Pet Friends Become Food

9 year-old Isabella LOVES and ADORES her chickens. They aren’t just her pets, they are her very best friends! Every afternoon, Isabella goes outside to talk and play with her chickens. There isn’t anything in this world that makes Isabella happier than her pet chickens do. Look at that smile! Can’t you see how happy she is ?!


One tuesday afternoon as Isabella was walking home from school, she came across a camp flyer that caught her attention. The flyer was announcing a weekend camp for individuals and their pets. Since the flyer said all pets – all ages, Isabella knew this would be the perfect weekend getaway for her and her pet chickens. As a result of watching a ton of Dora the Explorer, Isabella decided she would go on this journey alone along with her chickens. Since Isabella is only 9 years old… her only method of getting there was to walk.

Pets Are Friends Too

She was so excited for this upcoming adventure ! As soon as she got home with the flyer, Isabella ran to her camcorder to record a home video. The excitement and love that Isabella has for her pet chickens can obviously be seen in this home video.

The very next day, Isabella packed a light backpack and prepped her chickens for departure. Despite all of the Dora the Explorer episode that Isabella has watched, she still forgot to pack a map and plan her route. Not realizing that the flyer was missing an address, Isabella inevitably set out on a journey to no where. After hours and hours of walking alongside her best friends, the chickens, Isabella ran out of stories to share with them. This… is the moment when Isabella realized her mistakes! The problem is that her realization came a little too late. Isabella was now in the middle of a hot, steamy, dry desert. The deserts environment were starting to take a toll on Isabella. She began to hallucinate and see things that were not there. As her hunger grew, she began to see the chickens, whom were once her best friends… as barbecue drumsticks!

dasDue to the fact that Isabella was not in her right mind state, for the first time EVER… she seriously began contemplating EATING her chickens. Could she really be able to carry out this  crazy crazy idea? Would the hunger get the best of her?

kay desert

Isabella thought long and hard about this. As the hours went by and the sun began to set, her hunger increasingly grew. She was beginning to feel weak and realized that she needed food as soon as possible if she was going to find her way back home. After much contemplation… THIS IS ALL THAT WAS LEFT OF ISABELLA’S PET CHICKENS!


With her new found energy, Isabella found her way home. This is the last home recording made by Isabella that was ever found…


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