What do you mean I shouldn’t always give 100% ?

Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes right? How about sarcastic motivation?… we can use a little of that also right? RIGHT! Everything is better when its funny. Creating a motivational poster for this design assignment was fun. I think it really brought some creativity out of me.

I donated blood all of the time. Well not ALL of the time, but whenever I am eligible too. I need some to survive as well. That is the entire motivation for this motivational poster. Don’t ALWAYS give 100% or you may not survive. One time when I donated blood, I thought I would die. I’m not afraid of needles or anything, and I usually do well after donating but that day was different. I was still in the Army at the time and was in a rush like always. That morning I knew I was going to go donate blood but I forgot an essential thing… BREAKFAST! So I walk into the donation center, I donate without a problem and I also leave without a problem. Fast forward to about 30minutes to an hour later. I am standing outside in 90 degree weather and I start feeling super light headed. My vision went away about 3 times, I started seeing those weird little black stars in my eyes. I internally was freaking out while also trying to hold my composure since I was still in uniform. With a super pale face I sat down on the ground. One of my co-workers came over and noticed that something was clearly wrong. He went and got me some water and I was eventually sent home to rest. Moral of the story is… don’t donate all of your blood but also just as important don’t donate without eating or you may end up needing blood yourself.


It’s obviously not always best to give 100%. Take it from Dracula ! Make your own motivational poster to give Dracula some motivation after donating his most beloved blood.



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