Taking the lead in a chorus…

Changing locations without actually changing locations is quite a confusing concept. Well I managed to make that concept work through the “Are We There Yet?” design assignment. The assignment require that you change the concept of where the photo is and what actions are going on in the photo. Initially I had absolutely no idea of how I would accomplish this. Luckily, old photos came to the rescue.

You see, the original picture is of my little brother… who is no longer so little (he’s almost 17 now). He was a mischievous little creature who was alway getting into something. Whether you left a phone or an instrument, he had his little sticky fingers all over it. My mother’s friend one day came over with a mini-violin for him when he was about 4 years old. Instantly he picked it up and pretended to play. In this picture he looks like a total pro. Pictures are deceiving though… he never did actually learn how to play, but you would’ve never guessed that from looking at this photo!

This concept came to me while browsing through the pictures on my computer. I have always loved this picture of him cause he “LOOKS” so cute and innocent, even though he was the total opposite. I instantly thought it would be funny to finally make his little 4 year old dream come true. So I put him front and center of a chorus. Of course I couldn’t pick just any chorus… since old ladies “usually” love children I thought, why not?! I like how it ended up coming out. They all look so happy to be presenting this little nugget as their solo violinist !

Original Photo:


Finally an official violinist:


To find out how exactly I made his violinist debut, head on over to the tutorial I made.


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