Social Media Is NOT My Thing…


The idea behind this Visual Assignment was to play off of a picture in which your body language suggest one thing by using a speech bubble.

As I mentioned in my “About Me”, the last time I used twitter was in 10th grade. With high school comes a lot of drama. I don’t like drama, which is why I tend to opt out of social media sites. This time on the other hand is different. As much as I was dreading having to sign up for multiple sites (for example: Twitter), I am actually kind of excited about this. This picture might look like disappointment but I was actually laughing in this. This picture was taken right before a night out… I didn’t want to take it so instead I laughed. This picture fits right along with my resistance against social media.  I find it funny that although I did not want a twitter, I am somewhat eager about it.

This class has so may interactive projects so it’s cool to get a chance to see what other’s are creating through Twitter. Inserting this bubble text was pretty simple also. To find out how I created this spubble head on over to my Tutorials page !

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