Rockin’ Birthday GIF

I chose to take on the “It’s Your Birthday, Happy GIFfin’ To You!” gif assignment mainly because it will come in handy. These next couple of months are full of birthdays in my family, including my niece’s who’s my princess. I’m sure you guys can tell since she’s made several appearances on my blog already. I thought a gif birthday “card” would be perfect for her, especially because I have a ton of videos of her being silly. I don’t think she knows what a gif is but I’m sure she’s going to think this is pretty cool.

She is constantly dancing and jumping around. Always being silly. No matter the time of day. This gif comes from one of those silly videos. In the video she was pretending to be a rockstar and showing me how rockstars dance. This is her impersonation of a rockstars’ moves. Her favorite color is pink so I also decided to incorporate that into the birthday gif card.

I’m hoping this gif will remind her to party like a rockstar for this years birthday! Make someone special to you their own personal gif birthday card !


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