Out Of This World


The task for this visual assignment was to place a picture inside of a picture of an eye so that it looks like a reflection.

I must say after about 20 mins of failure, I did a pretty good job ! This is a photo of my eye… inside of my eye is a photo of me dressed as an alien for Halloween. Pretty cool huh? When I came across this visual assignment I automatically thought it was pretty cool. Instantly I knew which picture I would use. ALIENS! Not sure if you believe in aliens, but I do ! Maybe not the green little guys but some type of extraterrestrial. Don’t be limited to what’s in front of you, look above and beyond 😉 This concept was fun for me because I have always found photos of eyes to be fascinating. The complexity is something so simple has always intrigued me. Mine are brown and not all that fascinating but this little visual gave me a boost ! I am more than glad with how this turned out !

Making this work wasn’t the easiest thing. As I previously mentioned, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to make this work. I used picmonkey.com again for this visual, there’s just so much you can do on there! Find out more on how I created this visual by checking out my tutorial!



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