My first GIF !

I have seen gif’s all over tumblr and always thought they were so cool. Never have I ever even attempted to make one up until now. For my first gif, I went with the home video design assignment. I am ALWAYS taking pictures or recording videos of event that I go to, so I knew that I was bound to have a home video to work with.

This gif was made from a home made video of my first time at Disney World in Orlando, Fl. It was my neices 7th birthday and instead of a party she wanted to visit Disney. As we all may be aware of, Disney is not cheap… AT ALL! Luckily I was still in the military at the time, so I was able to purchase tickets on base for my sister, her husband, my niece and of course myself (I couldn’t miss out on the fun). This video was taken on our very first day (we had a 4-day pass for all of the parks). We had eaten breakfast that morning with all of the Disney characters, including Minnie, Daisy, Mickey, Donald etc. It was a great time and most importantly my niece loved it !

The first park we visited was Magic Kingdom. This is where the gif sprouts from. I HATE rides that go in circles because they instantly make me nauseous. Somehow I was talked into getting on the little tea pot ride, which went in circles… I agreed to go on based on one condition, that we don’t spin the tea pot more than it does on its own. Of course that wasn’t going to work for my brother in law haha He spun and spun and spun as fast as he could resulting in all the screams and laughs from the original video. This gif brings back so many great memories !


The process of making this gif was much easier than I assumed. Find out exactly how simple it was by taking a look at my tutorial.



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