Invitations are so outdated. The new thing to promote events now are flyers and posters. Learning how to make one may come in handy for whatever future events come up. For this event advertisement assignment I decided to make a poster for a real event thats coming up. MY BIRTHDAY! Who knows I may even use this to invite my friends ?!

Last year for my 22nd birthday (Yes, I am young… I joined the army straight out of high school) I celebrated in New York City with family and close friends. My family, as I mentioned before, are all crazy. My birthday is no exception for their craziness. In fact, thats more of a reason to be crazy. Anyways, we ended up going to a bar called Lucky 7 in the city. After much dancing and laughing, to my surprise a cake was brought out. In my head I’m thinking YES CAKE ! That thought didn’t last too long haha. As soon as I blew out the candles, my cousin smashed my face into to cake ! YES ! IN THE MIDDLE OF A BAR! Luckily for him I was too happy to care, and luckily for me my sister caught the whole thing on camera… lets just say no one ended up eating cake & many many laughs resulted from these photos the next day.

I decided to advertise that level of crazy fun on this years birthday flyer! You can see my face being smashed right into the cake haha. Who wouldn’t want to join that kind of fun right? I chose primarily dark colors so that the emphasis of BIG 23 stands out! Join in on the fun !


Need advertisement for an event? Learn how to make your own here.


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