Isn’t school suppose to be safe?

School is suppose to be one of the most safe environments for students. As we all know, unfortunately that is DEFINITELY not always the case. For this create a crime scene design assignment I decided to pursue the unsafe aspect of school environments.

Coming from a military police background and having seen many crime scenes before, this assignment instantly caught my attention. I decided I had to at least attempt it. Honestly I’m getting into the whole inserting photos into other photos idea. Crimes and criminal justice is something that has always peaked my interest. I am the type of person that can spend the entire day watching channels like Discovery ID. Show’s like “First 48” were in mind while I thought of the concept of this photo.

Mary Washington is suppose to be a small school within a safe environment… but is it really? If you think it is, then explain this ! I can’t even make it to my classes in Monroe now… they have the pathway all blocked off with crime scene tape!

crime scence

I’d love to see what crime scenes you all come up with. To make your own follow the steps in my tutorial.

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